Thursday, February 23, 2017

Knitting again

In my teens and twenties, I was seldom far from a skein of yarn. I learned to crochet at age 11.  Later on a wonderful woman in my life taught me how to knit. I worked with regular worsted yarns and even crocheted doilies with that very fine mercerized crochet cotton.  I made afghans, sweaters, toys, toboggans, wall hangings, and pillows.  Most of my gifts were handmade.  I even knitted a Christening dress.

In my 30's I had some issues with my right hand and elbow.  I had taken up quilting and discovered I could not hand quilt anymore.  I tried crocheting and it was very painful so I thought my yarn days were over.  A couple of years ago I gave knitting a try again because the movements are different.  It worked but I still didn't take on any real projects.  Last fall I bought a skein of pretty yarn just to see if I could knit and if I still liked it.  I really thought my stitches weren't that even but was surprised to find a more even stitch than I expected, not as good as my crocheting, but not bad.  I soon completed a vest and just couldn't stop.

This layout is about the projects I completed over about 3 months.  I've just embarked on a tunic length sweater in a finer yarn.

For the layout, I used one of last year's sketches and also knitted some embellishment for the page from the same yarns as the projects.  Here's the video

Have you scrapped about your other hobbies?
Thanks for watching!


  1. Love this page! I especially enjoyed the pattern pages as your background and the knitted embellishments. So often I forget about scrapbooking about myself and my other hobbies. Lately I have picked up cross stitching again.

    1. Thank you. For about 20 years I only scrapped us as a couple and finally it hit me that I needed to do some pages about just me and now I have about 4 albums. I may have gotten carried away :-)

  2. Wow you always do great layouts I love this one!

  3. Great LO Lisa - I love how you showed how to use your sketch book ... and using the knitting pattern is so cool!
    I need to do some photos of my doing my cross-stitch. I'd love to learn to knit and crochet but I cannot let myself take up any new hobbies!!!
    I also really like your knitted embellishments!

  4. I love this layout!!!
    I also love that you added some of your knitting to the page..great idea.
    I should scrapbook about my other hobbies, I bet I could make a whole album dedicated to the different ones I have loved or tried :)
    Both knitting and crocheting would be in there as well

    1. Thank you, having a hobby themed book is a great idea


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