Friday, December 2, 2016

Art Journaling Layers

I admit that I did this spread so long ago I can't remember a lot about it.

I do remember wanting to play with some beautiful images in magazines my mother had handed down to me. She gave me a Veranda, Architectural Digest and, I think, a House Beautiful.  I used to subscribe to decorating magazines but I'm not in the business anymore and honestly, I get as much value from the free stuff online.  I know that isn't what magazine publishers want to hear but whenver I buy a magazine I'm usually let down by how little content there is for the money I've spent.  Times have changed.

For the journaling page, I also used some layers of texture from my kit I assembled beforehand - see this video - and some stickers.

The theme is about being ready for fall to arrive. As it was, fall didn't really arrive here.  It got cold for a few days and then the warmth returned.  It has been excessively, dangerously dry.

Here's the video:

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  1. I am so glad that i am not the only one who hates to spend money on a magazine and find to have very little content. Our magazines in English are in the $10 range from the US...the French ones (which is all that is available where I live) starts at $15 and really more advertisement than anything tax! European magazines are twice the price of US magazines and nothing to brag about. Thank goodness for free on-line stuff!

  2. I really like how that came out!


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