Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Perfect Paper

Sometimes the perfect paper just drops into your lap.  If you take my next class this photo is going to look familiar to you in a few weeks.  Not to worry, it won't be exactly the same photo and definitely not the same story or papers.  In that particular class lesson there are going to be 4 photos on the page.

This is the posed photo to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of our first date.  It was nearly Christmas and I was wearing a red sweater as I had been on our first date.  This one might be a bit larger than that one but we need not recreate everything exactly :-)

I just got in a wonderful box of goodies from My Mind's Eye's warehouse sale.  If you missed the Shopping Haul video, check it out here.  In the box were some Record It collection papers that so perfectly went with this photo and story they could have been made for it.

So the page went fairly fast as you can see in this process video:

The new class is coming along well and should be up in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for watching!


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