Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Make your Scrapbook pages come Alive!

It's here!  My new class...

One day my husband was looking at a beach themed page I had created and he went “ah, I feel like I’m there.”  Yes!  That is just what I want him to feel when he looks at that page.  I want him to feel the warm sun and the spray of the water as he is playing in the surf.  I want him to chuckle at me in my goofy beach hat.  Isn't it wonderful to have a hobby that can completely recreate a memory of a day at the beach?

Yet, my pages haven't always been this way.  Sometimes I get consumed with all the fun tools, pretty paper, cute embellishments and don't really tell the story.  Later on when I look at the page, I see all the cool product but I have to really hunt for the story.  Yet, you CAN use all those cute embellishments and still tell the story you want to tell.  Using my scrapbook product to support my story and recreate the memory is what this new class is all about.

This, my 6th on-line Scrapbooking class is particularly special to me as it shares not only techniques but a philosophy I have about scrapbooking.  By thinking about our supplies just a bit differently, they can make our pages come alive for us.  When I look back on my pages, I want to be in the memory, to feel the way I felt when the photo was taken.  It is why I titled this class “The Living Page.”

I want to share with you how I choose a background for a page, select colors, find a clever and revealing title, arrange the elements of the page, choose embellishments, and set the tone.  We don’t have to worry about every single one of these for every page.  As you ask yourself many of the questions in the class PDF, you'll find that the choices for your page start to flow naturally.  It isn’t more difficult to create a page that helps tell the story.  It is often more rewarding.

This self-paced class contains:

  • 11 lessons
  • 10 brand new layouts shown step-by-step in the videos
  • 5 hours of HD video
  • A 25 page PDF containing prompts, notes and suggestions for each lessons, 10 sketches, and a supply list for the step-by-step projects shown.

Most lessons also begin with additional examples of past layouts that utilize the principles of that lesson.  I've included a few examples where I missed the boat, too, as a way of showing how a few changes can create a page that is more meaningful.

This class combines theory and practice.  It also includes lessons on capturing someone else's memories, vintage photos and using memorabilia on a page.

While I practice this philosophy in many of my regular process videos, this class shares all of the thoughts behind my product choices - the Why and the How.  The videos are longer and more detailed than my weekly process videos.

I hope you will join me to fully bring your memories alive on your scrapbook pages.

I love teaching and I love sharing ideas.  Thank you for supporting my classes.  

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