Thursday, February 18, 2016

Scrabble Tiles Layout

Most days at lunch my husband and I play Scrabble.  It typically takes us two lunches to finish a game.  We have one iron clad rule - no looking up words between games even if it is something that has already been played.

We are pretty evenly matched.  He has a better vocabulary than I do but I'm the better player.  I see opportunities sometimes that he will miss.  Then again, it is often in the luck of the draw.  It's fun and he particularly enjoys learning new words because you can do all the looking up between games you want.

For the page, I used a set of Scrabble tiles I was sent to evaluate by Clever Crafting.  They sent them last year and I did one project but unfortunately life got in the way and I didn't get to use them again until just recently.  They are fun to work with and very appropriate for my project. The one project I did with them last year was a big hit with my cousin and his bride:

The tiles are the same number of letters as regular Scrabble tiles plus numbers and a few extra symbols like the heart and wedding ring shown on the canvas.  You can find these on Amazon.

The blog post about it is here.

My layout is getting featured in our house in a frame originally intended for record albums.  Target no longer sells this type of frame but you can find shadowbox frames online in various sizes.

See the process video:

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  1. Excellent layouts! I made a layout a couple of years ago with tiles like scrabble tiles:

    1. Great no photo page! I like how you used the tiles and round brad letters also. TFS!

  2. Such a fun layout and a cool use of those letters :)

  3. Great page. Love the gloating title...too funny!

  4. that is so cool! And I remember that gorgeous canvas too!


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