Saturday, February 27, 2016

Basic Grey Warehouse Box

It is a bittersweet day in my craft room.  My Basic Grey Warehouse box arrived!!! Yeah!!!

And it will be the last new BG collections I recieve.  Boo hoo!

Basic Grey is leaving the papercrafting business.  I happened to read about this on one of the message boards back in January. They had just announced that day along wit an offer to buy a warehouse box for $39 + shipping.  I couldn't get signed on that night so I called them the next day.  There were only 9 boxes left when I ordered.  Yikes, I almost didn't get one!

The boxes were not to be shipped until mid-February as they would contain brand new product from their new lines.  I only found that out because I asked if the boxes were different.  Anyway, that was still fine by me.  So for about $50, I would get $130 worth of product.

Late this week, I've read many people saying what was in their box and frankly I was set to be disappointed.  Some of the selections didn't sound that great.  I think I got a good one though.

Today the box arrived and I'm sharing in this YouTube video. You'll see that I did indeed get product from all the new lines.   There isn't much from Saturday morning.  I may order a few other pieces while these products are still available for purchase at or (and maybe other places, I don't know).

All in all, I'm very happy with my box.  It does not contain the promised Best of BG pad but they sent a lot of the new 12x12 paper so I think that more than makes up for it.

I hadn't realized how well Dear Heart and Hillside go together.  The colors are much the some so I'll be mixing these.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with those wooden plant stakes???


  1. I'm pausing the video to comment here - so my comment will be long!!! Thank you so much for actually opening the box on video - so much fun!!
    Your box looks really really full! And so cool to get some of each of the new collections. Not sure about the plant sticks - I could see them used to hold a sign for a page title or something??
    I have just ordered the 5 collection pack .... the $150 one! Shipping to me in Hong Kong will be horrendous but I have to have some BG. I was annoyed because I ordered the warehouse box but they cancelled my order!
    That Urban Luxe sticker sheet doesn't seem to go with that collection - it looks like one of their older "Basics" stickers - strange!
    The albums look interesting too.
    I would have loved to have seen the Best of paper pads - have you ever seen one??
    Thanks again for such a great video - can't wait to see what you do!

    1. They have the Best of BG packs on the site. I don't know that you an order them but you can see what they contain. Someone told me that Hobby Lobby here has the Best of Basic Grey 2 pad. I looked it up and I've had a lot of those papers already so I'm glad I got what I did.

      Hope you enjoy your collection packs!

    2. I"m devastated ..... they emailed me this morning saying that my box didn't ship and that the warehouse was now closed

    3. Oh, Gab. That's awful! I'm sorry you didn't get your box. There is still come BG at and I would imagine it will pop up with some of the discounters like Peachcheap as well. I hope you find some collections you like.


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