Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Like Mother, Like Children

It's funny the way you can see the parent in the child.  I never knew my stepdaughter when she was her children's age.  I met her when she was approaching her teenage years but I can still see her traits in her children.  This was the first time I'd met the little girl.  We took them to this play place that made me wish I was there age.  It was full of fun activities including every kind of block to build stuff, areas to climb or crawl around, a 'fishing pond,' and a make believe store.  They had a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching them.  They really concentrate on each of their activities with the same determination I remember in their mother.

For the page, I used a whole bunch of Thicker sets starting with ones that were nearly out.  I also used some Project Life cards.

There are two videos for this week. The first has the entire page from start to finish and the 2nd is the part about printing on the journaling cards.  There are two methods shown for getting the text lined up on the card.  I've always used the first but am doing more with the 2nd 'text box' method as it is really easier.

I didn't say in the video but I print on a just an old Epson ink jet printer, nothing special.

Tip:  When buying a printer, choose one where the paper feeds from back to front as opposed to one that feeds the paper in the front and returns to the front.  The former's paper only has to make a 90 degree turn in your printer and you will have fewer jams.

Process video at YouTube:

Technique video at YouTube:

Thanks for watching!


  1. Thank you so much for the how to video, I have been struggling with this problem without as much success as you!

  2. your page is awesome Lisa- and your instructional videos as well

  3. Such a sweet page.
    I really like your use of odds and ends of those Thickers…..we all like to find great uses for those leftovers :)

  4. Really great page Lisa. I love all the colours in the title, wash and cards. Thanks for taking the time to do the other video too! I've never actually tried to print on a smaller card

  5. This page IS really cute. Love the colors and how they all "go" with the kids' shirts. Another beautiful layout from my favorite YouTuber!


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