Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shirts and a Tiara, of course

Playing dress up means layers of adult clothes.  But what princess would be complete without a tiara?

The story here is mostly about the layers of shirts so I layered up my title using the Silhoutette.  The video covers the offset feature.  I'm using a font from  It works well when the letters are welded together - one of my favorite things to do on the Silhouette.

Apparently our little princess wanted to wear the shirts to bed but her aunt wouldn't let her since the shirts were way too big for her.  So our little one got up during the night to get a shirt to put back on and only found a bra instead.  This made her screaming mad. I hate to tell her but wardrobe issues will not get better with age.

Since we have a long title on the page, I made it host most of the embellishment for the page as well.

Watch at YouTube:

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  1. LOVE this adorable page! I particularly like the script font and the way you layered it to match the theme. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how you worked the design of your title into the topic of the photos, Lisa! The tiara is the perfect embellishment! :)

  3. great layout Lisa and your photo subject is just too cute-its fun to watch kids play -you have turned it into quite a memory for her

  4. Super cute LO Lisa. What an adorable little girl. I really like how you layered the title to match the theme of the LO!


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