Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wrapping Up and Starting Fresh

I always say that Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I do love Christmas.

I'm starting to think though that there is really another holiday that is my absolute favorite - New Years.  Now we don't do anything special at all for New Years Eve.  I've stayed up only a handful of times.  To great the new millennium, we actually set an alarm for a few minutes to midnight, got back up and rang in 2000!  I'm just not a night owl.

What I love about the New Year is the chance to reflect and make plans.  Last year I did a whole series of blog posts on the new year.  I thought I'd share the links again:

A week of endings and beginnings - Prompts for reflecting on the current year.  I promise you doing this exercise will give you a real boost.  You have accomplished even more than you think.

Accomplishments Page and Video - Creating a page from answers to the prompts

New Year's Resolutions - How to make resolutions that stick.  I finally figured out a few years ago how to make a resolution and keep it all year long!

A dream or a wish?  -  The difference between goals and objectives and how to use them to help you.

2014 Next Steps (layout with video) - A way to organize your plans in a booklet on a scrapbooking page. It makes a great reference throughout the year.

I'm reflecting on 2014 - what worked, what didn't, what I accomplished, what is in process.   Sometimes it is perfectly okay to discard an idea or plan.  I'm also starting to think of what I want to accomplish in 2015.

There will be some scrapbook layouts on this in the new year.   If you want to follow along with you own layout, be sure to get some photos of yourself for the pages.  The holidays are a great time to get someone to take your photo or of course you can do a selfie.

I hope you are having a safe and happy holiday season!


  1. Such wonderful ideas to ponder, Lisa. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to you and yours. :)

  2. I will have to refresh my memory and check out these past posts :)
    I love the New Year.
    I think it is the procrastinator in me, thinking that I don't have to worry about the past and hoping I do better in the new year ;)


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