Friday, December 5, 2014

Photo Canvases

I've been playing with using photos on canvases.  I did these for friends.  (The girls are adorable but they are not mine to share photos of.)  The photos are regular prints from Walmart that I painted over with Mod Podge.

I added lots of lace, flowers and gems.

The book paper is from a 1950's sewing book.  It is filled with illustrations and just a couple with little girls.

I struggled more with the small canvas than the larger one.  I had this idea of what I wanted to do but I put the photo a little too far in the corner for it to work so I used more flowers and buttons.  The children's mother was very pleased with it.

Light modeling paste is one of my favorite mediums.  It is like marshmallow fluff in consistency.  I usually color it with ink refills or sometimes highly pigmented paint.  Sometimes I leave it white as I did with the alpha stencil design.  I snuck in a few Studio Calico butterflies as well on the large canvas.

These were such fun to do.  I have another one on my table in process.  It is a commission and I've been asked to cover the entire back base rather than leave the white areas.  Just a different look.

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  1. Really beautiful, Lisa! Time for me to go make some of my own. ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow Lisa this is very impressive-I can see why the Mom was really pleased-you did an awesome job-and the art work on your Etsy shop is fabulous as well-good luck with that venture

  3. Your canvas is stunning!!!
    I love all of the texture and the colours are so pretty.


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