Friday, September 12, 2014

Buttons and Pearls

When my friend Karen visited over Labor Day, she was on the hunt for small items to go on mixed media canvases.  I watched one of the videos she had seen and was also bitten by this bug.  I doubt if I'll ever do an all over canvas the way the presenter - Einat Kessler - did but I wanted to give the technique a try.  Here is her video.

My impression at first was this was awfully tedious. While I was making good progress with an overflowing button stash and using some pearls that have been around probably since before my scrapbooking days, it was just taking a long time to get my design down.

When I started putting on color, I started having more fun.  In the video, Einat uses mists.  I have no permanent mists and wanted to be able to go back over this with Mod Podge so I used gelatos on top of my gesso.  They give great color and the metallics add some shine.

After this experiment, I can definitely see adding this techinque in small quantities to canvases.  You can use all kinds of small trinkets even things that would normally be trash so it feels good to repurpose and get something beautiful.

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  1. That looks amazing Lisa! Thanks for the link to the other video - love this idea!


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