Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scraproom Tour with video

Can a scraproom and a guest bedroom coexist?  They must at our house.

The 2nd floor of our house is one bedroom and bath.  It is also my scraproom.  The room has several advantages:  privacy (i.e. quiet), the adjoining bath, lots of natural light.

The location also has some disadvantages:  Being upstairs means I can't do two things, like cook lunch and scrap, at the same time.  When the phone is for my husband, I'm down the stairs and trying to figure out if he is in the office, outside or in the basement.  (My next house will NOT have stairs!)

All that natural light is lovely when it is in the right place but sometimes it isn't.  For someone who made window treatments for years this should be an easy problem to solve but I probably have one of the most difficult sets of windows I ever encountered and you know the one about the cobbler's children having no shoes...

Anyway, another challenge is that I have to have a bed so I lose a lot of potential square footage this way. We only have one other bedroom and we do occasionally have overnight guests. Plus, if one of us is sick the guest bedroom is important.

All the furniture in this room except the chair and the worktable were part of my bedroom suit growing up. Back in those days, if you knew someone who worked in a furniture factory which was THE industry here then, they could get you a deal on furniture. My parents did and this is a Century Furniture set so it was built to last forever.  While it may be showing a bit of wear and isn't so stylish, these drawers are solid and very roomy so I've loaded them up with lots of scrapbooking stuff.

I've also let my hobby take over the 2 closets in the room.  Who needs extra clothes when you can have pretty paper?  And linens?  Those are now stored under the bed in plastic bins.  I just pull them out and stack towels neatly in the bathroom when we have guests.

So the only thing we really added was the work table which Lenny and I built a few years ago to replace a dressing table my builder made for me that was nice but not large enough.  We built the new table when I still had the idea that this should be as much guest room as it was scraproom.  The table is upholstered on top with a glass covering.  I made skirts for the bottom to hide all the storage.  Now, I don't worry about hiding too much anymore.

However, the room still transforms to a guestroom pretty quickly by removing the misting box, putting the nightstand (cutting table) back where it belongs and adding the last skirt to the table.

I did the shelves by myself and this is one place I should have splurged for professional assistance.  I was going for cantilevered shelves which I clearly had no idea how to construct.  They work OK.

I've had things organized this way for quite a while. What I was waiting on to do this video was finishing the canvases to go over the bed.  I don't know why that was important but anyway, last week we filmed the room.

Watch at YouTube:

One thing I didn't mention in the video is the doll bed.  On top of the dresser is an old doll bed my grandfather made for my Mother when she was a little girl.  She passed it on to me and I used it as a child.  Now it is an extra shelf holding some art projects and my music.

So thanks for visiting my space.  Hope you have a great day!


Classes available on using cardstock on layouts:  Creative Cardstock
doing two page layouts:  Two Page Terrific
and a PDF of all of 2013's sketches


  1. It's nice that you have your own space for the majority of the time! :) I agree, no stairs in our next house either!

  2. You space looks wonderful and so organized, Lisa!

  3. Love the room and how well it is organized. Wish you lived closer so you could come and help me get my room more organized. Love your videos! Lori

  4. I love how you made good use of the furniture you already had in your room!

  5. Loved your craft room/guest room tour... You have done an excellent job at making your artwork area look neat, organized, and creative too! Thanks for sharing this. Love the quilt on your childhood bed! Wonderful furniture too! I found some unique wood when I moved last time and we turned that into a little shelf :) Found things are fun! Kathi

  6. I too have always needed a co-existing space for my scrappy space, the battles of living in military life!You seem to have a wonderful balance for yourself and guests!

  7. How fun! It's so neat and organized. Loved seeing it.

  8. It is always fun to see scrap spaces. You have made good use of every inch of space.

  9. Lovely room. Very organized -- I cannot imagine having to keep my room visitor-ready.

  10. How awesome to have all the older furniture. They don't make it the same anymore. I have some great pieces from my grandparents that have lasted through multiple moves and been passed down. Those are some great pieces.
    Loved the tour of your room. VERY organized. I've had a craft room both in the middle of things and private. There are benefits to both.

  11. Love the light and the canvases above the bed fit perfectly! Thanks for the tour. You have a lovely space and great organization.


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