Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's okay to Evolve

It is perfect normal to have changing tastes.  I keep telling myself this and still I feel guilty when I want to buy something totally different from everything else in my home or wardrobe.

This 12x12 art canvas is about how my color tastes have changed and are still changing.  I did this as a reminder that the next time I buy something for my home I should buy what I really want not just keep adding to my current color scheme which as evolved minimally since 1993.  That is very hard to do in an open floor plan house.

I'm thinking of redoing the bedroom.  It was done about 10 years ago at the height of my window treatment business when more fabric was better.  I can redo this room myself without too much cost.  Then again, it would make sense to finally go to a king size bed which is not cheap... Oh well, we'll save those changes for another day.

For this piece, the background started with layers of peach, blue (colors from my first place), mauve and green (colors I started with in this house).   I was a very 'pastel' person in my 20's and early 30's.  These were also the trendy colors at the time.

The large butterfly and the word "Evolve" are painted in the brighter tones I'm drawn to these days - also quite popular now so maybe I've not too weird.  I used to say orange was my least favorite color and yet I find it popping up a lot on my scrapbook pages and cards.

The canvas also has a large doily as part of the background. I misted this with a mask first then added some painted on gelatos before applying.  Doilies reflect the delicate looks I was drawn to when I was younger.

I wasn't really sure about this one as the background developed. In the end, it has become my favorite mixed media pieces so far.  There are a lot of layers and depth to the background and I've kept the top layer pretty simple.

This is one of the things I love the most about crafting is that you can make something in whatever pattern or color you want at any particular time and it is just one page in a scrapbook, one quilt, one art piece.  It isn't a huge investment of time or money.  It is even cheaper than experimenting with your wardrobe and potentially less embarrassing.


  1. Oh my... that is gorgeous. I totally relate to your post. I would love to get a new bedspread and redo stuff around here. In my case, living in an apartment, I'm limited in what I can do. Where I'm noticing my taste changing is in my scrapbooking and stamping, esp. in the stamps I like. I was feeling guilty because I have so many I'm going to try to sell, and then I realized guilt is useless. And forcing myself to use the stuff is no better. So off it goes.What doesn't sell at the LSS garage sale I'll try to sell on FB - we have a local group for that.

  2. This is beautiful.
    I love the stick pin for the butterfly's body.
    We all change and evolve, how boring would we be if we didn't ;)

  3. This is fabulous, Lisa. So many different things to look at. I love it!

  4. This is very pretty! Love all the texture.

  5. What a beautiful mixed media piece!


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