Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I'm a terrible speller.  Automatic spell check is a wonderful invention.  Unfortunately, there isn't one for scrapbook pages so I have to use my old paperback dictionary. Good thing or I would have been 'dying' Easter eggs on this page rather than 'dyEing' eggs.

I didn't find this out until I was all set on these glitter foam Thickers, a type I so seldom have a page for.  So I used an upside 'z' that went a few rounds with my scissors.  It's a little large but it is an 'e.'

The photo was one Jaime took at Easter at her mother's house.  Don't the kids look very intent on their task?

My little ovals are chipboard pieces left over from letters like the middle of 'o's an a's.  I always throw these scraps in a drawer and use them for lots of things mostly as spacers.  This time they made a row of embellishments.  Originally they were for another page but just didn't seem to quite work - too cutesy for that subject.  They must have been waiting for this page.

I used some rub-ons to dress up a couple of them.

I seldom buy holiday specific product.  The only thing remotely specific to Easter I have are these stamps that were part of a large set.  A few drops of mist seem to go with the theme.  How could you dye eggs without spilling a drop or two of dye?

So here's the process video and sketch

Watch at YouTube:

Thanks for stopping by today.  I know I'm a bit behind having an Easter layout here in early September.  A nice thing about scrapooking is you can celebrate a holiday anytime of the year :-)


  1. They do look very Ito their task! What a pretty page, and great job not having holiday specific papers!

  2. this is a great layout Lisa-love all the embellies you used that are so perfect by the way-the title caught my eye and I didn't even notice anything different with the "e' until I read your post

  3. You are so clever to use the letter inserts for the wonderful border of eggs, Lisa! So creative. They look awesome all dressed up. :)

  4. Great save with the "z"! Wonderful page... the kids do look very intent, but you can tell they are thoroughly enjoying themselves!

  5. What a gorgeous page. Love the colours and embellies.


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