Thursday, August 22, 2013

True Scrap 5

One of my first on-line scrapbooking experiences was an on-line conference called Scrap-a-Faire.  This was hosted by Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks, Etc magazine.  They had 2 or three of these several years ago.  I loved it!  I learned so much and marveled at being able to take a conference without leaving home!  Unfortunately, the last one of these was years ago.

True Scrap hosted by Lain Ehmann and sounds similar.  While I have never participated in the entire event, the concept is the same.  Gather great instructors together to teach classes over a few days and have participants from all over the world join in.  You attend classes from your own sofa dressed in your pajamas if you want - all you need is your computer!  I have taken some individual classes from past True Scrap and found them very helpful.

This year's True Scrap has these fantastic instructors include Nichol Magourik, Jennifer Gallacher, and  Heidi Swapp plus 12 others.

For more information about this event happening in October:

Click here to view more details

Tomorrow I have a new card and video.  Thanks for stopping by!

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