Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Embossed Vellum Butterfly 2 Page layout

My husband loves to visit one of the art and craft galleries in Asheville, NC.  He thinks it is better than a lot of museums.  They do have gorgeous things at all price points.  They are also very kind in allowing a little photography.

We went there to celebrate his birthday this year after going to the Folk Art center and then having lunch at Boston Market.  My parents were a bit perplexed that he picked a sort of fast food restaurant for his birthday dinner but he loves the place.  There are only 2 anywhere close to us and 'anywhere close' is about 60 miles one way or the other.  So it was a treat.

Mother had in mind her own treat and dropped massive hints about a bakery just short of the gallery so we stopped there for a treat on the way back.  I like how my Mother thinks :-)

For the page, I actually started this weeks ago and it just wasn't coming together so I set it aside and recently came back to it.  In the beginning it was to be a one page layout with 4 photos and the exhibit card.  It was just too crowded so I spread it out on two pages and added the squares with the vellum butterflies.

The video shares more about how these are created and applied.  A hot glue gun helps them hold their shape without anything showing through the wings.   There is also reverse stamping to get the butterfly on the right hand page to face the right way - in this case, to face left.

I just recently learned reverse stamping and it is so handy!

Watch at YouTube

Here's the sketch:
We had such a lovely day.  I'm glad I expanded this to a 2 pager.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. The butterflies are gorgeous! So light and delicate, just as in real life. Lovely two-page layout!

  2. This is such a great 2-pager, Lisa. I so rarely do them (but I should). :) Love those butterflies!

  3. Your layout is lovely.
    I love love love your butterflies, so pretty.
    I like the way your mother thinks as well ;)

  4. GREAT tip about the reverse stamping, Lisa! I've never tried that, but I'm definitely going to in the future. Can't say how many times I've encountered this issue. Now I can fix it!


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