Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project Life, Project 365 Week 1 page and video

The thing I noticed while taking photos the first week of 2013  is how we seem to have the same resolutions as last year or the year before.  My husband is going to lose weight. I'm finally going to get my paperwork in order and keep it that way.  A little hint:  Do not go through bank statements on New Year's Day. If something isn't right, you can not call anyone and you end up with a sleepless first night of the year.  Fortunately, everything was fine the next day.

So, I took this idea to my page and captured what was new and what was not - or what was a bit of both.  Lenny had a new story to share from a vacation many years ago.  He always says I've heard all his adventures but I hadn't.  I have new/old clothes from the consignment store and so forth.

It was a pretty low key week and the photos definitely could hold up to some cropping.  Do we really need a 4x6 of the scales to know what they have to do with the new year?

This week's layout crops photos and pairs them with journaling and room for a fairly long title if you wish.  I created an embellishment area to the right of my photos with the year in stickers and some color to boost the page a bit.

The video will share tips on:
  • cropping photos
  • creating stamped embellishments that are similar but give some variety
  • and what to do with a long title that doesn't quite fit.

Watch at YouTube

The PDF contains the sketch and some ideas on printing journaling on your background on either a  large format or a standard printer.  You can of course handwrite your journaling.

Here is the file ---  Sketch for 1-9-13 and Tips

If you aren't doing Project Life or are using a traditional PL album, this sketch works well for any subject that has a lot of photos.

Thanks for watching!   


  1. Love your layout and video. Thanks for taking the time to make it... I learned a lot from it! Thanks for inspiring! Kathi

  2. Another great layout Lisa :)
    You are so right, our resolutions are pretty much the same year after year.
    I had a little giggle about you going through your bank statements on New Years eve...guess you wanted to have one resolution completed before the new year ;)

  3. Great page topic! I love your title work and stamping.


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