Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project Life, Project 365 - Little Wins

During the 2nd week in January, we crossed some things off the to-do list and celebrated some little wins - a couple of which can pay off in a big way.

My husband installed a backup camera in my van.  Yippee!  A factory installed one was not an option when I traded.  There were some cords to conceal so I knitted a cover for them as we needed something flexible and neat to go around them.  This is a win for me as I have only recently tried knitting again.  Crocheting, which was my passion in my teens, really bothers my right hand, but apparently I can knit without any issue.  So I've done a couple of very small projects.  It has felt good to have yarn flowing through my fingers again.

One of the photos shows my husband's leg in a garbage bag.  I know that looks weird.  For the last 3 winters he has had some type of dermatitis and after 3 doctors, we finally found one who knew instantly what the problem was.  A couple of expensive creams (including wrapping the leg for awhile each evening) and he is almost completely healed up.  We are so very pleased.

So to celebrate our little victories of the new year, the page uses accordion flowers like a 'blue ribbon.'  Originally I was going to do stars but when I was watching CHA videos I saw that some of the paper companies are bringing back these flowers in their embellishments.  I did a video on this a couple of years ago and it is linked below.

For this video, I'm way over my planned time. Most of that extra time is on the flowers.  The flowers are from 6 minutes in to 14 minutes in.

Watch at YouTube

Here is the PDF file with the sketch -->  Project Life Week 2 Sketch and Tips

And here is my first accordion flower video.  I'll probably do another one now that I've had so much fun doing these with chevron paper.

Watch at YouTube

If you are doing a photo a day, how is it going?  Are you enjoying capturing these little slices of life?

Thanks for watching!


  1. a big congrats on the little wins-love your layout -and being able to knit with no problem is wonderful

  2. Great layout.
    It is so nice to get thinks ticked off the to-do list.
    I made a video on how to do these as well, but the blooper video is more entertaining, lol

  3. Lisa, thanks so much for today's blog. I am really enjoying your latest posts that address your thought process for designing scrapbook pages. Pointing out challenging situations and then how you resolve them is very helpful. You've made it seem so simple that I'm experiencing renewed interest in designing some myself. Keep 'em coming! Can't wait to see what you do next. :-)


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