Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busy week

Oh, I wish I were here.  Here is Hilton Head's beach at sunset a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not there of course, I'm here having one of those days.

I'm sorry I won't have a Tuesday Tip post today. This is a busy work week and this morning I spent half the morning creating something and the other half the morning taking it apart.  Urrr!  I've got some uncooperative fabric.  I think things are back on track but I'm behind.

So, later in the week, I'll post a layout and card from last weekend.

Hope everyone is having a more productive week.


  1. That's it! I'm in love. :-> Yes, that is truly a view that I could get used to. No wonder you like it so much. I've never been to Hilton Head. Then again, I've never been to LOTS of places. At any rate, I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Good luck with the fabric.

  2. This is such a gorgeous photo, so calming.
    I hope you figure out the problem with that it who's boss ;)


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