Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cardstock Reorganization

Finally finished with my cardstock reorganization project.  All of my cardstock now has a drawer!  Here is the new system.

Here is the old system.  The cat isn't 'stored' in the closet.  He is an optional embellishment.

This wasn't bad.  I had the cardstock organized by manufacturer and color family in clear plastic envelopes with a label on each one and labels of the color family on the side of the wire shelves. The problem was the envelopes were getting really stuffed as my collection grew.  Unfortunately, with Stampin' Up! you have to buy single colors in 24 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11" paper.  It was getting harder and harder to see the right envelope with a quick glance and it just too time to pull them out and get out my paper, close them back up and refile again.

So... I got several more Sterlite 3 drawer stackable units and put all my cardstock in drawers.  I originally used these for designer paper.  I still have a bunch for DSP in another closet. (Here's an old post about those DSP in stackable drawers. I'm out of closets so this is it!  I'll have to stop buying or start using more if my drawers fill up!

Each drawer has a printed label for manufacturer and color family.  The colors are handwritten on pieces of the actual cardstock to make it easier to spot the right drawer in a hurry.  I did 3 or 4 colors per drawer for those I use the most and 5 colors per drawer for the lesser used.

Sterilite units are available at Hobby Lobby and at Walmart. I ordered one unit set for a total of 9 drawers from which is cheaper than the store.  I used Hobby Lobby coupons to finish out what I needed.  (They are $16.99 per unit at Hobby Lobby before coupon.) I love these because they are the perfect size for 12x12 cardstock and designer paper.  Plus, they are easily removable.  For designer paper or kits, I pull the whole drawer out and take it to my worktable.

Here's a quick video tour if you are interested:

A bonus of this project is that my hubby is using the old wire unit for storing his repaired pinball boards.  I'd even kept the cover so he is thrilled to get free rolling storage!

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  1. How nice and tidy! Love the cat embelly - lol!

  2. that looks amazing... u did a lot of work... amazing.. i'm jealous! xo hugs

  3. Great 'baggies' are getting a little full as well, I think it is time to step it up.

  4. I love it whenb I get my crafting stuff organized so that it's neat and findable-how do you store embellishments-like pearls and rhinestones? I need mine organized

  5. Great job organizing your cardstock. So neat and functional! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. It's always such a nice feeling to get stuff better organized/stored. It looks great! (Love the kitty, too. They are so funny.)

  7. WTG Lisa. Organizing paper is really the pits. I like the way you have labeled your drawers.

  8. Looks so pretty and organized.
    This is how I store most of my papers as well. I have about....well we don't need to discuss my hoarding on here, lol.


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