Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mother!

Happy Birthday to my Mother today! When I saw a version of this pocketbook card on, I knew I had to make one for my mother who has a passion for fashion. The original was from Tara Kieninger at Her version had a strip of cardstock across the body of the card and featured the Kindred Spirits set.

For my version, I used black paper, gold embossing and added a silk flower and several clear rhinestones. My Mother loves black and gold. The red silk flower gives it a little punch. I glued some old velcro that wasn't too 'grabby' on for a closure and typed up her sentiment on vellum for the inside. The ribbon handle is secued through large grommets in the back.

I made another version of this for the Red Hats using purple paper and a red flower. For the inside, I attached a cellophane bag filled with chocolates. I look forward to using it as a demo item at workshops.

My Mother is a very creative and stylish woman. My parents started a retail business when I was 4 and as the business grew, Mother spent more of her time working with customers, handling bookkeeping not to mention taking care of a daughter and being chauffeur to her own Mother and Mother-in-law, neither of whom drove. I don't know how she did it.

Before the business, she took some time to create projects for our home. A few months ago I found two large framed needlework pieces she did. But the most memorable object she made during my childhood had to be the book cover. When I started first grade after almost no association with other children, I was certainly an outsider. The teachers sent home our textbooks for us to create some sort of protective cover. Most parents opted for the brown paper bag cover. Not my Mother. One of the books had a red binding with a design printed on it - some flowers I think, plus the title of the text. She took some red polyester fabric and made a dust jacket for the book. She also embroidered the same designs and words as the real cover on the dust jacket. My teacher was so impressed she took the book down the hall to show all the other teachers what my creative, talented Mother had done. It was the first time I remember being proud of my Mom but it certainly wasn't the last.

Today Mother's creativity is exercised in her beautiful home and gardens. We went to purchase more pansies in the pouring rain this morning. Tomorrow we are off to find all weather fabric for outdoor cushions. That's my mom, making everyday things beautiful.

Ingredients: Black cardstock and ribbon - source unknown. Gold paper from Stampin' Up!
Stamp set: Baroque Motifs for the flourish and One of a Kind for the sentiment.
Inks and Embossing powder from Stampin' Up!

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