Monday, July 10, 2023

Two Page Layout - Before and After

In 2020, we did what a lot of people did. We stayed home and redecorated.

This 2 page layout covers two of my favorite things that came out of updating the finishes in the main living areas of our home.  I love the new stair rail paint and the carpeted runner.  I don't normally go in for that many animal prints but this chetah carpet was the perfect gray neutral. It wasn't as dull as just plain gray carpet would be and added a fun element to our living area.

Every morning and evening I get to see the new vanity in my bathroom against the dark green walls. Taking down that wallpaper was a bear but I'm so glad I and the painter perservered.  

I am filming in a different room.  It doesn't have air conditioning.  Most of this was recorded without the fan but the last segment I think I left the fan on by mistake.  Sorry about that.  If you have any feedback on the content or the filming I would appreciate it.  

Here's the process video:

Thanks for watching!

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