Thursday, December 8, 2022

Holiday Ornament Card

After I finished the last of 50 of these cards AND put them in the mail, I decided they would make a card making video!  

Over the last year, I have been using watercolors more and more to create my cards.  This is intentional.  My craft storage space is limited.  As I am doing more and more sewing and quilting, I need space for those supplies and equipment.  Stamps were taking up a lot of the storage space in my craft room and they weren't getting a lot of love in recent years.  I tried watercolors with the idea that I could draw in designs and then paint the images with watercolors. This would give me a wider range of images and use far less space.

My idea is working in that I'm using stamps even less and have given away quite a few sets.  I am doing things a bit differently in that I'm doing more traditional watercolor painting.  As long as it is simple, I can attempt it.  I'm not a talented artist. I really can't draw unless I have some serious guidelines.  But I have found this to be very fun and rewarding.  Watercolor supplies really don't take up much room at all.

I still have a lot of my stamping supplies though. I kept my Distress Inks and I have many mediums such as Ranger's Perfect Pearls.  So in this card, I've incorporated stamping supplies and watercolors.

The video shares 3 cards.  One is entirely watercolors, another is all stamps and inks and a third is a hybrid with some stamps and some watercolors.

Stay tuned for more videos on my other crafts coming soon.

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