Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Gelli printing fabric

Do you gelli?  Gelli printing is adding paint or other media to gelli plates and then pressing the plate to a surface, usually paper.  I've gelli printed papers of all kind including book paper.  I've used tissue paper and deli paper for some fun effects.  Once I had even tried fabric using a fabric medium but I didn't like the results.

Last year, I came across some fabric paint from Jacquard.  Initially I only bought two colors of their textile paint.  Now I have about 20!   As I said in a recent video, I'm a sucker for products that come in a rainbow of colors.  Although it can be used on other surfaces, it is perfect for fabric as it keeps the fabric supple rather than creating a stiff, unworkable surface.

This is the process I used to create the border fabrics for the leaf series on my Etsy shop LisaEcherdArt.  

To create the fabric above, I set out all my supplies on a well covered work area.  I've learned to have a lot of stencils handy to get some variety. 

I like pressing the gelli plate to the fabric rather than pressing the fabric to the plate.

The coloring on one end of the fabric was more pure.  On other other end I would often use a plate that had residual paint from another press.  It created more muted colors.

I'm now working with one of these pieces in a new quilt design.

Check out my YouTube channel for several videos on gelli printing.  I love to use common objects such as bubble wrap, the bottoms of cookie containers and the spool from a pack of glue dots to make designs.

Thanks for visiting today. The next video in the watercolor card series will be up later in the week.

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