Sunday, September 5, 2021

Art Quilt Play

Just playing with some scraps, various machine quilting threads and rulers.  As much as I love my Pfaff sewing machines, I could not get either my old basic one or my new one that is supposed to be more for quilting to work with a ruler foot. The thread would always break.

The new Handi Quilter Capri works easily with rulers which are really more templates to help quilt various designs cleanly.  I was still practicing on this piece.  The rulers would slip so I had some trouble keeping straight lines.  I just got in the little grippy things for the back of the rulers and no more sliding.  I'm practicing more on another quilt.

My husband found this little quilt this morning laying on the sofa and carried it into the bathroom to find me and tell me how much he liked it.  We debated which way it should go.  I designed it for the shaped pieced column to be on the right.  I know I've seen another quilt with that type of element somewhere but I could not find it to link it up.  It's shown here the other way up.

This was a fun little project just to practice.  It is hanging in my sewing room now as inspiration to keep creating.

(ETA this photo, unrelated but I need a place to link it:

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