Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year and New Decade

Happy 2020!  Can you believe it has been 20 years since we welcomed the new millennium.  I can't. 

Each year, I review the previous year and then create goals and objectives for the new year.  My goals may be similar from year to year or there may be some big thing coming up.  This year they were fairly similar to last year.  I made some progress toward my goals via objectives I completed last year but there are still plenty of things to do. 

One example is a goal to have my house more 'company ready.'  It really isn't that we have that many guests but I always love how it looks when I've cleaned up for visitors and want it to look more that way just for us.  We used to wash the house down or have it done every year but got away from that due to illness one year.  This past spring I had the house washed down and what a difference! We also did some landscaping with weed control in mind and made good progress.  This year I have a few other things in mind to do.  All of this with a goal of making our home more enjoyable, creating less stress and making it easier to get away once in awhile.

Rather than try to fit everything on one page, I did a two pager for the new decade.  Here is the process video:

My resolution for the year is to journal something positive every day.  I made a resolution to journal every day a few years back and it has stuck.  A journal is a good place to vent however I noticed that many days, venting was all I was doing.  So this year, I can vent but I have to record at least one good thing that happened to me or that I accomplished.  Those things are there, they just need to get notice more.

I'm also reading more now thanks to being a recent convert to audiobooks.  I use our public library and Scribd.  If you haven't tried Scribd, here is my link for 2 free months.  (Disclosure:  I get 1 free month for anyone who tries it.)

Have you made resolutions?

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