Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hidden Photo and Journaling

When I first started making this page, we were several days into a very rainy late May.  The photographs though were taken on a very sunny day in late April at Hunting Island State Park near Beaufort, South Carolina.

To put all five photos on the page is a bit crowded, so I have two photos back to back and am using a Washi tape trick I spotted on Pinterest long ago to create a little door so you can see the other photo and also some journaling.

The embellishments are a hodge podge from all sorts of places.  I don't think any two things came from the same collection or even manufacturer.

Here's the process video for the page:

Thanks for watching today!


  1. That is so strange that you have had so much rain. Here in Hong Kong I think we've had our driest May ever! Great paper choice - that woodgrain couldn't have been more perfect! I really like the design of this page - and the hidden photo idea is a good one! I am so with you on the camping ... just not fun at all to me. I like the woodgrain paper 'right way up' like you have it. I really love your journaling too - Ali Edwards often uses some kind of prompt like you did. Great final page.

  2. another awesome process video Lisa- this park looks like a great place to visit- you captured it with some great photos


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