Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My 5 Year Journal - Complete!

Well, almost.  I have just a few days left to finish 5 years of journaling a few words a day in my 5 year journal!

Five years ago I learned about this from Debbie Hodge's website.  There is a question for each day of the year.  You answer the question usually with a word, phrase or maybe one sentence.  The next year you answer the same questions on the same day. So there is one question for January 1 and you answer it 5 times, a different question for January 2 and so on.  It's interesting to see what stays the same each year and what changes.  Here are a couple of samples from my completed journal:

(Answers I would expect)
What movie are you looking forward to?
Each year I answer 'none' because I'm not a movie person.

(Answers that surprised me.)
September:  How old do you feel?
The first two years I answered older than I am, then a little younger feeling, and by this year I felt younger than I really am because I now weigh what I did in the 90's.

I have printed out the pages (about 75) and I'm putting them in some type of folder in the back of one of my albums.  I wanted to capture a bit of the process and celebrate keeping a new habit for a full 5 years with a layout.  Here's the video:

Here is the information about the journal I used on Debbie Hodge's website. The questions were developed by Tami Taylor.

5 Year Journal

I cut and pasted the questions to Microsoft Word so it would be easy to pull up a document and just answer the questions.  I kept a separate document for each month but you could do one large file just keep it backed up.  You could handwrite your answers as well perhaps in a pretty journal which would be a treasure to keep for the future.

I think it will be especially interesting to look at this a few years down the road and perhaps answer the questions again to see what is the same and what has changed.

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  1. Wow! I love this! I've just finished my third year of something similar. But I have an actual book with a question a day for 5 years. Same concept, just a word or sentence answer - I think the book is called "Sentence a Day".
    Your pages are great!

    1. Thank you. Yes that does sound very similar. What I found interesting is that so much doesn't really change that much from year to year though I'm sure each of us has a different experience.


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