Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Birthday page from collection

Most birthday themed collections seem to me to be more for children. This one from Basic Grey works for all ages.  I was blessed to receive several Basic Grey page kits from a friend cleaning out her stash.  I was just delighted!  You know how I love Basic Grey and this is such a treat.  This is my first layout from the kits.

For Mother's birthday, I spent a lot of time planning her cake.  The rest of us are real chocolate people.  She, however, is not as much of a chocolate fan though she does eat it.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to do something different.  This is a coconut cake with raspberry filling (courtesy of Smuckers) and 7 minute frosting. The cake recipe from Bake Me More is here.  I looked at so many 7 minute frosting recipes and videos, I'm not really sure which one I used.  I think it was Martha Stewart's with the addition of cream of tartar.  I'd never made it before but it turned out nicely and everyone enjoyed it.  A hint from my DH:  leftover 7 minute frosting tastes wonderful with chopped bananas.  I can't eat bananas so you'll have to take his word for it.

This the only cake I've ever made that called for powdered sugar in the batter, a full pound of it! It worked.  The only objection I have to making it again is it takes every pan and bowl in the kitchen to make it.  Oh, well, that's why dishwashers were invented.

DH made mother a card based on a saying he saw somewhere else. He added the first verse himself.  It read:

On your birthday...
When you arise from your slumber
and totter around unassisted,

remember that age is just a number
And yours is ....Unlisted.

She got a little bent out of shape at the word "totter." While Mother's age remains a mystery disclosed to only a limited number of us, I assure you she looks marvelous and is ridiculously healthy for her age.  If only I had her strength!  Oh and she does not totter.

Here's the process video:

Another page coming along with this same kit soon.  Thanks for watching!


  1. this is a great layout celebrating your Mom's birthday Lisa. The Basic Gray collection worked perfectly. This is why I sent them to you-a pro who knows just how to use them

  2. You are such a good daughter! Great LO


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