Friday, September 2, 2016

A traditional birthday page

This wasn't as much of a surprise as implied.  You see, my aunt who planned the party told my mother about it.  Mother tries to keep a secret but she just can't help but whisper loudly about things which no longer works since my Dad wears hearing aids now.  She also tends to dress up a bit more when they are going somewhere special and he pays attention to things like that.  For this party, she kept reminding him what time they were to meet my aunt and uncle for dinner.  He also doesn't forget anything and doesn't need reminding. So about the 5th time she told him they had to be sure and be at the restaurant at 6:00, he was definitely on to her.

Anyway, it was a nice treat for him to celebrate his birthday.

For this very traditional birthday page, I used an older Stampin' Up! stamp set and 3 4x6 photos.  Here's the Process Video

And here is the sketch:

Thanks for watching!

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