Monday, June 13, 2016

A few Cards to share

When the new Stampin' Up! catalog arrives, I scour it for stamps and ideas.  I haven't been in the market as much in recent years knowing that I had many sets I wasn't using.

A few months ago I pulled several sets from my stash and launched the video series "Use It and Move It" to use my sets one last time for a few cards and then sell them.  I sold several sets on my Etsy shop in less than one day!  So that gave me space and cash to spend on some new sets.  I selected several from the new catalog. My plan is to use these for a few months and do the same thing, move them on out to make room for new things.

While waiting on the new sets to arrive, I used the inspiration of the catalog to create some cards with sets I don't plan to sell and one that I do.  These are the cards:

Thanks for visiting today!  Stay tuned for a shopping video as soon as the Stampin' Up! order arrives.

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