Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Photos in Circles

Remember when we cut our photos into circles... or ovals... or stars... or hearts?  Oh, my but we did.  That was back in the days of film cameras.  Now where are those negatives to do a reprint?

If you are like me, there is a box stuffed with negatives I'll probably never go through. So when I started seeing layouts with photos in circles I had to talk myself into trying it again.  These days though, if I want a reprint of something heavily cropped, no problem.  I have a digital image and it is backed up.

So bring on those circle cutters!

For the page, I used the Creative Memories circle cutters for both the photos and the pattern paper.  I did wish I'd done the pattern paper on the Silhouette as I explain in the video.

I did use the Silhouette for the descending 'LOW' title as the story tells about my husbands shock at how low the water was near our local park. Where has he been all summer?  Until recently we have been in the midst of quite a drought.

We enjoyed our hike and got in a selfie.

Here's the video at YouTube:

And here is the sketch:

Check out my new class "Using Your Silhouette for Titles and Text"  here.

Thanks for watching!


  1. I have those circle cutters too!!! Thanks for checking to see if the blades are available. I probably need to replace mine soon. Love the circle design - and love how you did the title!
    Your final page is great and worth the time it took you!!!


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