Saturday, July 18, 2015

Alcohol Ink on Glass

Over the 4th of July, I got to visit my best friend Karen for a weekend of crafting, celebrating and visiting.  It was great fun as always!

One crafting supply I particularly enjoy playing with at her house are Ranger Alcohol Inks.  I don't have any of these.  I can't ever really commit to them as I have so many other kinds of inks and paints and just don't have that many projects to use them on.

Soon after I arrived at Karen's, her dear husband bought us some 4th of July flowers.  After she found a vase I got to thinking that I'd been wanting to try the alcohol inks on a vase.  Soon I spotted round clear container in her collection and thought it would be a good smooth surface to work on.

The purple one above was that first effort.  I cut a border design from the Cricut and adhered it with tape runner adhesive to the outside of the clear container.  I then applied alcohol inks in purple, dark blue and silver.  It took a few layers to get the design to really show up.  It also took rewatching the videos as I'd forgotten how to use these inks.

At Michaels we found another such container and I made a second piece this time without the border as it hadn't shown up as much as I wanted it to.  The purple one was supposed to be for Karen and this second one for me but she liked the 2nd one best and I like the colors on the first one.  I'm still not sure about using the stencil.

I washed these off to be sure any alcohol was gone before putting the candles in.  There wasn't any ink on the inside but I didn't want to take chances.  You can't rub these though when wet.  The ink comes off!  I thought it would be permanent.

My husband kept trying to pick out designs that were part of the background not the stenciled off areas on the purple one.  It reminded me of those drawings where you can see an old woman looking at it one way or a young woman looking another.  He says there is a 'face' in my design.  Whatever.

Anyway, it was fun and we each have a candle holder to remember our weekend.  Do you use alcohol inks?  What do you use them for?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So pretty! I have a couple of colours of alcohol inks but they rarely get used!


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