Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pockets and Stamp Classes

I'm not a Project Lifer.  I appreciate the concept; it just isn't my style.  I've done a few pocket pages in my albums and they are very handy for some subjects.  However, I'm just not going to use the pocket pages in my stash if I hold onto them for complete layouts.

In this video, I share a way to use your pocket pages for creating a little photo booklet for a regular scrapbook page.  I have not created the full page layout yet.  That is coming along.

Watch at YouTube

ALSO... if you have stamps and want some new ideas for them, you might like the True Stamp classes.  I did not take any of these this year but have done them in the past.  The ladies at Raisin Boat are particular favorites of mine.

Classes are now on sale individually or as a bundle.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Great way to use those pocket pages that you won't be using in the traditional way…great idea

  2. Great idea Lisa! Thanks!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished page!


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