No Photo?  No Problem!
10 Techniques for Scrapbooking Your Stories
Without the Perfect Photo

No matter how many photos we take, we often miss the one we need to tell a story.  Many of us are lacking in photos to tell our childhood stories.

Don't miss out!  You can still scrapbook these wonderful memories!

This 34 page PDF contains 10 ways to substitute, find or work without the perfect photo.
The PDF also shares techniques for getting your story out through your journaling.

The PDF has 17 layouts showing examples of all the techniques.

Bonus:  A 45 minute video sharing various process steps for 6 layouts is also included.

Cost is only $8.

Please email me at lynnelisa@bellsouth.net if you are interested in purchasing this e-book.

(Note:  All correspondence regarding this purchase will be sent to the e-mail for your PayPal account.)

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